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  • Eat

  • Pastabilities

    311 S Franklin

    Pro Tip

    Hot Tomato Oil w/ Stretch Bread. So good we guarantee you’ll pick up a jar or five to take home with you.

  • Dinosaur BBQ

    246 W Willow

    Dinosaur BBQ
    Pro Tip

    Opting for a salad here is arguably as hearty as any other dish. The Smoke-House Salad w/Brisket is a meal & a half.

  • Khao Gaeng

    208 W Genesee

    Khao Gaeng
    Pro Tip

    Khao Gaeng means “Cover rice with a topping.” To your tongue it means hitting the flavor jackpot.

  • Lemon Grass

    238 W Jefferson

    Pro Tip

    One taste of the classic Prig Pow will leave you dreaming of your next visit.

  • Liehs & Steigerwald

    117 E Fayette

    Liehs & Steigerwald
    Pro Tip

    Why add a pub to a butcher shop? Why not?

  • Modern Malt

    325 S Clinton

    Modern Malt
    Pro Tip

    Order the Barney Rubble. It’s Fruity Pebble-encrusted french toast. Proof you never have to grow up.

  • Otro Cinco

    206 S Warren

    Otro Cinco
    Pro Tip

    Don’t eat for a week. Then order a burrito.

  • Sakana-Ya

    215 Walton

    Sakana Ya
    Pro Tip

    The Super Spider Roll combines fried soft-shell crab with spicy tuna—a savory combination.

  • The York

    247 W Fayette

    The York
    Pro Tip

    Foodie? “Root beer hot sauce reduction” qualifies this place better than we ever could.

  • Drink

  • Empire Brewing Company

    120 Walton

    Empire Brewing Company
    Pro Tip

    The food here is as impressive as their beer list. Grab the Tumbleweed Burger with any of their house ales.

  • Al’s Wine & Whiskey Lounge

    321 S Clinton

    Also Wine & Whiskey Bar
    Pro Tip

    Like your living room, but at a bar: bring your crew, grab a table, and play a round or two of Jenga.

  • The Blue Tusk

    165 Walton

    The Blue Tusk
    Pro Tip

    Arguably no better spot in Armory to have a drink outside. Come early and grab a spot on the patio.

  • Kitty Hoynes Irish Pub

    301 W Fayette

    Kitty Hoynes Irish Pub
    Pro Tip

    Think you know how to properly pour a Guinness? Let these folks show you the right way.

  • Fuel

  • Cafe Kubal

    401 S Salina

    Cafe Kubal
    Pro Tip

    If you’re pourover fan, this is your spot. Their dark roast is perfection in a cup.

  • Freedom of Espresso

    144 Walton

    Freedom of Espresso
    Pro Tip

    If you’re in a pinch for breakfast, you can’t fail with an (Oregon) chai latte and a toasted bagel.

  • Roji Tea Lounge

    108 E Washington

    Roji Tea Lounge
    Pro Tip

    Sip your favorite tea while nibbling quite possibly the best chocolate cake you’ve ever had.

  • Starbucks Coffee

    290 W Jefferson

    Pro Tip

    Cut the long line of people getting their post-lunch caffeine fix by ordering via the Starbucks app.

  • Do

  • Funk ‘n Waffles

    307 S Clinton

    Funk ’n Waffles
    Pro Tip

    Catch a live show almost any evening. Their “Eat Up, Get Down” slogan is spot on.

  • Destiny USA

    9090 Destiny USA Drive

    Pro Tip

    Refer to it as “Carousel Center” and instantly gain street cred.

  • Everson Museum of Art

    401 Harrison

    The Everson Museum
    Pro Tip

    If you’re ever in town for a night when they project movies off the facade of the building, GO!

  • Gannon’s Isle

    401 S Salina

    Pro Tip

    Sea Salt. You’re welcome.

  • MOST

    500 S Franklin

    Pro Tip

    They’ll admit you to this museum even if you don’t come with little humans. Not that we’ve tried or anything.

  • Redhouse Arts Center

    201 S West

    The Rehouse Arts Center
    Pro Tip

    Swing by for a show before they move to their new location on Salina.

  • Sweet on Chocolate

    208 Walton

    Sweet on Chocolate
    Pro Tip

    The smell of this place alone will get you; don’t even walk in unless you want to go home with a hundred chocolates.

  • Syracuse Stage

    820 E Genesee

    Syracuse Stage
    Pro Tip

    In the mood for mystery? Join the famous sleuth and Dr. Watson. Arrive early and thirsty; happy hour is at six.